Fishing Hat
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Fishing Hat

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I wore this to my "bachelorette" trip with my dad and uncle in Florida. It is the perfect hat to dress up or down.  It is a straw hat with a 3 3/4" brim.  

To Measure size: measure the circumference of your head where you will want the hat to sit.  If you are in between sizes I recommend sizing up and using tissue to perfect the fit. 

Small: 21-21.5 Inches 

Medium- 21.75-22.25 Inches

Large 22.5-23 Inches


Shipping.  PLEASE pay attention! 

I want to ensure these are shipped without harm--so shipping is a little more.  I will refund you if shipping is less than the standard at checkout.  I have based this standard price off of several different zipcodes and want to protect my product and the customers.  Prices of shipping have increased at the moment due to the global pandemic. Thank you for understanding.